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Welcome to Battlelab, this is our Privacy Policy. The way in which you can use this platform as well as interacting with us will conform to the following stipulations: By accessing or visiting Battlelab, including mobile applications and any other platform related to it (collectively, the “Communication Channels”), you accept this policy. We do our best to keep up with changes in privacy laws so we may occasionally update our records about how your information is collected and used. Any changes will be pointed out via a clear notification on the site’s homepage and individual pages where necessary. Current records are available at all times by visiting the “Privacy Policy” section of our website.

Information We Collect

Users will need to directly provide us with most of the information we collect. For example, when you register with the Battlelab or use any of our services and products, we collect that information for the purpose of operating it for your convenience. In addition, you can give us more information about yourself by using our services and visiting operators’ internet sites where there are relationships and affiliations with Battlelab operators. Moreover, we may also collect information regarding your communications with our customer care or support team representatives as well as your posts on any social pages or community forums that are associated or affiliated with us – as a result of which we would be able to improve this service’s overall quality.

What do we do with the information collected?

We use your personal information to provide quality service and help protect you and our users, promote security and marketplace integrity, prevent fraud, stay in touch with you and send you personalized marketing communications. In short, we do this for the normal operation of our business, as well as to meet regulatory requirements and help adhere to laws in the US.

We will further use your personal data in the following circumstances:

How long does Battlelab keep the information?

We will only collect your personal information for what we need but sometimes the demand may belong. However, we would always collect it and will keep it for as long as it is required to fulfill the respective purposes. We assure you that your privacy is respected in all terms on all aspects of our business.


At this time, our site is not designed for children under the age of 13. That said, some users are above 13 but maybe below the age of 18. By visiting Battlelab, you state that you’re at least 18 years of age and may enter into a binding contract with us if you choose to register for any services we provide. If you use our services on behalf of another entity (a client for example) you further state that both you and that entity understand and agree to this Terms of Service Agreement.

Sharing information/data

The Site’s confidentiality is vital; it enabled us to grow into the powerful resource that it is today. We take obligations, such as keeping your personal information confidential, very seriously.

Where Battlelab stores the data/information

Some of your personal information may be stored or processed on our behalf by third parties, including data processors in the USA.


A cookie is a small bit of data stored on your computer; tablet or phone that occasionally gets read. We use cookies and similar technologies to remember important choices you make when navigating through Battlelab and any other information about you that you choose to give us. With this info, among other things we are able to: (provide our services| monitor performance| marketing).


In order to maintain the safety of the site and your personal information, we place security measures in place on an ongoing basis. These technologies and procedures are designed to keep your personal data safe from anyone who isn’t authorized access.

Updating personal information

In our attempt to conduct ourselves in an ethical and transparent platform, we take steps to ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate and up to date. Furthermore, you can update your account information on your own by simply logging into your account profile settings. In the event that you believe that any information we collected regarding you is incorrect or inaccurate, please let us know immediately so that we may rectify it.

Please take a moment to read more about the information we collect, how we use it, understand the meaning of cookies (sorry – they’re not edible), and much more in our privacy policy, which is elaborately available below. is prominently committed to the rights and privacy of its users. With that being said, Battlelab’s team works day and night to keep the users/members’ trust alive by adhering to its respective principles and by protecting your privacy. We do not sell or rent one’s identity or information to any third party. We do not share anyone’s content information without the respective concern. Last but not least, any personal information that the user/member provides us is safe and protected with as per the respective industry standards and protocols.

How is your personal data collected? is a platform that connects buyers and freelancers and allows them to discover each other at the click of a button and work together remotely. By visiting Battlelab, your browser provides us with information specific to you like what page you’re on and whether or not you are fully utilizing all of Battlelab’s awesome features so that we can provide the best possible user experience and continually improve it based on reviews, ratings, and user feedback.

You may not always be able to choose whom you work with, but when you register with as a freelancer or a buyer—you can choose whom you want to share information about yourself with. Just like no one else can choose your profession for you, we respect that you are the person that knows best how your skills and talents fit into their business needs.

When you write your profile or add information about your profile, keep it as specific as possible so members will know exactly where your strengths lie and what value they get when working with you. If a freelancer does not want to display his or her contact information (i.e. name, address, phone number, and email address) to employers conducting searches of the database, such information will not be displayed in profiles viewed by Employers looking through the database’s Battlelab’s directories either.

When you visit Battlelab platform gathers the information related to your user agent. By default, this information is collected to show you a better contextual experience. However, there are times when the collection of such data is optional, and each visitor gets the chance to decide on whether they would like to halt it or not.

We want you to know that Battlelab also uses certain cookies on its platform that may store information about how you browse through our Platform at any given moment. A cookie accepts a small amount of text data that is supposed to remain within your browser throughout your particular session(s) here so as for it to be easily retrieved in case you return online at a later point in time. Rather than storing personal data about an individual, cookies merely help us understand and improve our service delivery. 

It is not safe to post any personally identifiable information on bulletin boards or participate in public message boards. Any info that you disclose there can be read, collected, and used by other users of these forums, who may then send you unsolicited messages. shall not be held responsible for anything you enter as a part of your personal information. Precisely, a user himself/herself holds the entire responsibility of the information processed.

By default, we like to show you contextual experiences that are relevant to your preferred tastes, and demographic information. When it comes down to it though there are times when we will collect your personal data as well in order for us to help you achieve certain things you’re trying to reach in terms of your own identity.

Through automated technologies or interactions. As you interact with our services, we will automatically collect Technical Data about your equipment, browsing actions and patterns. We collect this personal data by using cookies, server logs and other similar technologies. We may also receive Technical Data about you if you visit other websites or applications employing our cookies.

Remember, cookies help us understand how our business is running in general by following what sort of impact any given page update can make on our target market. In turn, this helps us improve our business practices so that should you visit again at a later point in time the overall experience will be better than the last time around!

Last but not least, Battlelab is the sole and only owner of all the information collected within the website.

Information Use respects your privacy and will not give away your information to third parties. We also won’t share it among other users on the site or even outside of our platform. This includes email, phone number, public profile data, etc. When you sign up for an account at it is only required that you place a first and last name along with some personal details to help us find purchasers that they might be interested in dealing with. Other groups of users can view publicly available profiles and see the trading experience, reputation score, and other achievements their account has earned so far. is committed to protecting your privacy by putting its users’ needs first and never sharing their information unless there is a good reason to do so. In particular, we are committed to making sure you will never be unknowingly profiled for marketing purposes or have your personal information sold off for reasons that you aren’t comfortable with unless it’s required for legal matters.

Types of information we hold

We collect personal information about our customers to provide our services and customer support. Our services and customer support are provided through many platforms including but not limited to websites and applications. The specific platform and product, service, or support you interact with may affect the personal data we collect.

“Personal Information” is an information that specifically points to your identity or details unique to you. Things like personal contact information and purchase history info would fit under this umbrella of information. Unfortunately, as in most cases, if a piece of information is personable it then becomes everything associated with it, from location data and spending habits.

By keeping some of your information private, rather than trying everything together via means such as “logging into an account by publicly posting something,” the quality of the content provided will grow substantially! We encourage you to stay tuned for our next release which will cater to this specific need in the industry.

When users provide us with personal information in some situations, they’ll offer it on their own and not as part of filling out a form we’ve made available to them or by other means intended for the collection of certain types of details. Even though there may be steps that we take to safeguard this info from misuse, if users take matters into their own hands without our involvement to collect sensitive information of their own accord, the data provided will go beyond our control.

There are certain instances where your users could provide you with their private info on social media or within forums. For example: if you need to get in touch with a long-term user about something, you can do so easily via personal messaging on Facebook.

Note:If you’re not happy with the way we’ve handled your personal data, under certain circumstances you’re entitled to object to that processing. In some cases, we may be required to cease processing your personal data entirely and in others, you can have it processed exclusively for direct marketing purposes. You have the right to object at any time should you wish us not to handle your personal data in this manner.

For more information, contact us at

Rights of EEA, EU, and users from the UK

This section of the edited privacy policy applies if you live in the EU, European Economic Area (EEA), Croatia, or Switzerland. The organization that deals with and owns the data of yours described in this privacy policy has its data stored in a secure password-protected environment whose website is:

You have the following rights in regard to your personal information under applicable EU regulations:

If you have any reservations regarding the treatment of your data, when our company processes it, then we will review your concerns and consider them truthfully. If you feel we are not treating your data in accordance with the laws that govern its use because of what’s required by you personally, because it relates to marketing purposes that directly involve you, or if it is an aspect of direct marketing that has been processed for you – then please contact us before we proceed to process it any further.

In addition to the previously listed rights, you also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority in your area. Please note that while you may request access to and/or deletion of data relating to you, there are some instances when these requests may be denied in accordance with local laws.

Because we’re so concerned with security (among other things), anyone can confirm his or her identity by giving us another form of identification and address in addition to the information he or she types into the form. We don’t charge for that, but it just takes a sec (and two pieces of information).

International transfers

Some of our external third parties are based outside Hong Kong so their processing of your personal data will involve a transfer of data outside the US. 

Whenever we transfer your personal data out of the US, we ensure a similar degree of protection is afforded to it by ensuring at least one of the following safeguards is implemented: